Cosmopolitan Bilingual Academy is a secular institution of learning whose objective is to ensure that its students receive the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to confront local and global challenges of today and the future. Each family should respect the secular quality of the school and its educational programs. The school is committed to respect the freedom of conscience of everyone.

This policy has been established to ensure the mutual respect, cooperation and safety of the students and their progress to becoming responsible citizens. In order to preserve a friendly atmosphere, each student must respect the secular nature of the school and the principles as well as the guidelines governing interaction in his or her classroom.


Your child’s enrollment is based on transparency, friendliness and cooperation between you and the school in order to ensure a genuine partnership for the monitoring of your child. Disabled children can be admitted into our learning institution on equal basis with other children if their mental and physical condition is compatible with the objectives of the school, their wellbeing and that of their schoolmates.

The registration of your child must be renewed at the end of every school year. Students are admitted on the basis of a full school year-from September to June.

Hours of operation

Nursery: 8:30am – 12:30pm 2:30pm 4pm (optional)

Primary: 8am– 1pm       2pm – 4pm

Each family must:

  • Ensure that their child arrive on time
  • Pick him or her up on time.

The children who have not been picked up at 13h00 and 16h00 will immediately be taken to the canteen or afterschool care. The concerned family will pay for these services. All the students must be accompanied by an adult inside and outside the school premises.

Financial Information

Tuition fee is due on the 1st of every month.

Any month, once started, must be paid in full.  Only duly enrolled pupils, who have paid all their fees, will be given the official documents. Additional fee of 2.500F will be charged for payments received after the 5th of the month. Parents are responsible for the school fees and other costs related to overdue payments. The school reserves the right to carry out changes with respect to tuition and related fees within 30 days following the receipt of notification. The non-payment of school fees for consecutive months and the failure to pay overdue fees can be considered as valid grounds for termination.

Refund policy

Registration & Tuition fees are neither refundable nor transferable. 

  • No credits given for sick days or vacation days within the school year

Attendance and Punctuality

Regular attendance is indispensable for a child’s educational progress. Every student should respect the schedule of the school. Late arrival disrupts the learning process in the classroom.   The student’s academic performance will be negatively affected.

Parents should inform the school’s management about late arrivals and absenteeism of their children.

Any absence must be justified:

-In advance (in case of foreseen absence)

-In the morning of day the child is absent (emergency cases)

The parents and the teachers will help the child to catch up with his or her classmates with respect to the educational activities conducted during his or absence.


Report Cards

The school report cards are issued to the parents 5 times and should be returned to the school after they have been signed.

School Uniforms

Wear of school uniform is compulsory because it is the symbol of the school’s identity and the preservation of its dignity. The uniform must be neat.  Shorts are required underneath dresses and skirts.  The toddlers are encouraged to come to school in sensible, simple, comfortable cloth that is easy to wash. School T-shirt can be worn when advised to do so by the school. Clothes should be marked easy identification. The school management should not be held responsible for missing clothes.

Flip-Flops, high heels, roller skaters are not allowed in school.

The Right to Use Students’ Pictures

The school uses the pictures of its students taken during school activities in order to constitute class albums (pictures), make presentations, publish press articles, and post on the school’s website


Throughout the academic year, the school’s management runs a canteen. The students, who registered for catering services, are given access to the said services. During lunch students are supervised by their teachers. Food allergies must be mentioned at the time of registration.

Parents/School Collaboration

In order to ensure greater efficiency and safeguard the interests of the children, it is imperative to encourage greater cooperation between, the management, parents and teachers. To this end, PTA meetings are scheduled and parents are encouraged to attend them.

During the school year, parents should monitor their children’s progress through their teachers. The liaison booklet  is the most efficient link between the school and the family. It must always be in the child’s school bag, read, checked and signed daily if it is necessary. Parents should use it as a means of communication with the teacher, justify absences.

Remember to notify the school of any change of address or telephone number. We need to be able to reach you in an emergency. Only the legal guardians of the children can receive information about them.

Late Pick-up

Parents are advised to pick-up their kids promptly at closing hour. If a child is picked-up late 2 times in one week period (5 weekdays) a meeting will be held with the parents.

If the child again is picked-up late 2 times in one week period, the child will be asked to stay at home for a school day. If the late pick up persists the parents will be asked to make other child care arrangements.

Health and Emergency Medical Care

A student who is ill should stay at home. In order to ensure the safety of the concerned student, he or she must be at least 24 hour fever and diarrhea free to return to school.

Drugs are prohibited in the school. With respect to special cases (food allergies, asthma), the parents should inform the management and the concerned teacher. No drug should enter the school without the knowledge of the teachers.  Medication may be administered by the teachers only if there is written instructions and authorization from parents or guardian. If a student requires medical attention but the parent or guardian cannot be reached in a timely manner, the school will take all appropriate measures necessary for the student’s well- being.  Every effort will be made to notify parents immediately. If you get a call to pick-up your child because of illness, please do so within 30 or 45 minutes or send someone.

Lice often invade children’s hair. Thus, it is necessary to treat swiftly the child’s hair, hats, cloths, and bedclothes. Besides, in order to facilitate schoolwork, long hair should be tied.

Community Care Representatives have the right to interview students and consult their records at any time.


The well-being of children is the key priority of both the parent and the school. Therefore, the following instructions should be obeyed:

School’s management prohibits:

Personal toys, chewing gums, candy, dangerous objects (pocket knives, cutters …), medicines, jewelry and valuables (cameras, camcorders, telephones)

The school cannot be held responsible for the loss of any non-school object.  Non –school objects will be confiscated if the student brings them to the school and will be handed over to his or her parents.

We remind parents that smoking is prohibited within the school compound. Nobody has the right to enter the school’s compound with an animal.


Borrowed books must be returned in good condition and on time. Any loss or deterioration will be invoiced. If the borrowed book is not returned, the student will be denied the right to borrow books from the library.

School Holidays

It is imperative to honor the academic calendar which you have received from the school and also take into consideration any related amendment.

Discipline and sanctions

  • In the event of damage to equipment or premises, the replacement of this equipment or the rehabilitation of the premises will be the responsibility of the parents or guardian of the child responsible.
  • In case of non-compliance, disobedience to adults and any impolite, aggressive, violent or disrespectful behavior, a sanction will be imposed on the basis of the severity and frequency of the incident.

The gradation of sanctions is as follows:

  1. Calm the child and seek for an appropriate remedy (apology, rehabilitation, cleaning …)
  2. Verbal warning through a brief meeting between the teacher, or the principal and the pupil.
  3. Meeting between parents and school and the Imposition of appropriate sanctions.
  4. Temporary or definitive exclusion from the school according to the seriousness of the deeds.


Please, be assured that we care about your child and we will provide a successful school year filled with learning, friendship and excitement.