Why Bilingualism?

Succeeding in the 21st century will require new ways of thinking, strong language skills and an open mind. Considering the current economic and social realities, Bilingualism is a force to reckon with in an increasingly globalized world in which English is playing a preponderant role.

For instance, the mastering of modern technologies requires fluency in English. This does not exclude the Importance of other official languages such as French.

Benefits of Early Immersion

The human brain is wired to learn language in early childhood. Infants have the innate ability to learn multiple languages.  The earlier a child starts learning a second language, the greater their chances of achieving full fluency. Extended contact with a community of fluent speakers is by far the most effective way to learn a language.

Professional Advantages

  • Being taught in these two languages gives children a head start in competition for universities and jobs.
  • Workplaces are international, and employees who are proficient in multiple languages and at ease in multiple cultures will have more opportunities.