Cosmopolitan Bilingual Academy invites you to discover the rich & exciting educational opportunities we provide for our young learners.

Our mission is to help every child in our care to be confident, independent & unique.

Ideal student-teacher ratio

Ideal student-teacher ratio

We maintain an ideal student-teacher ratio to ensure that students receive the individual attention they deserve.


Caring Atmosphere

Caring Atmosphere

A safe caring school environment contributes to the positive growth of a child.

Where a child’s voice is heard and his/her opinion counts.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Early years setting provides the ideal opportunity to encourage young children to eat healthy & learn about food. Helping them set the foundation for their future health & wellbeing.

Our Solutions

Early Bilingualism

Using a simplified Bilingual curriculum, we give our students an edge over their peers in this competitive world.

Beyond the School

Sharing parenting tips & ideas to help you raise well rounded kids that excels both in school and at home.

Event Babysitting

We keep your little treasures occupied with fun-filled activities during parties, weddings at the venue, so you can have the time of your life.

Ateliers de création: Bricolage, Peinture, Cuisine, Potterie…
Music & Danse: Hip-Hop, Piano & Solfege, Guitare…
Sports: Football, Natation, Basketball, Tennis…
Expression: Débats, Théâtre…

Des activités pèriscolaires stimulantes..


Which program do you offer & what is the ratio of both language?

-French Program is 60%, based on the Senegalese educational system.
-English Program is 40% based on a Creative Curriculum that supports the development of the whole child.

How much does tuition cost?

Our Tuition fees are very affordable

Depending on the program chosen tuition ranges between 45,000 to 65,000fcfa.

Is it the same teacher that teaches both English & French?

Each class has an English teacher as well as a French teacher.


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