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Your child will love school

Why? In Cosmopolitan Bilingual Academy, we cultivate a family-like atmosphere and we are convinced that this atmosphere can offer your child the confidence needed to find their place in school. Our teaching team of French-speaking and English-speaking teachers having the  mastery of our methods and philosophy. They pay attention to each child thanks to the…

Your child will become bilingual

It becomes bilingual … without event noticing it. Within the context of a French-English bilingual educational system, the child is brought into contact with a second language at an early age by listening to and repeating songs, tales and poems without any inhibition. Totally immersed, whether in class with teachers, during recreation, lunch or extracurricular…

Diverse education

Kids are bored with tasks that are monotonous.
Our goal is to develop  in your child a love
of learning  by using fun interactive activities such as games, songs and stories to engage their attention.
Either in individuallized or group setting they participate in free-play games, role-play structured activities to practice what they have learnt in class. It becomes bilingual …